A … kind of … conviction for ex Greek Minister who is also under charge for money laundering

A Greek Court found ex transport and telecommunications minister (PASOK) Tasos Mandelis guilty on failing to declare the origin of his incomes; contrary to the public prosecutors suggestion of a 4 year imprisonment conviction (non suspendable sentence)  he was convicted on 3 years inprisonment and the execution of the sentence set under suspension. He was additionally fined 15.000 Euro and deprived of his voting rights for a year.

Mr. Mandelis didn’t appear in person in the hearings, showing the traditional respect of the political establishment towards Greek Justice and the the Greek taxpayers.

Mr. Mandelis is also under prosecution on money laundering charges in relation to the bribes payed by Siemens into his accounts; according to his statements they were payed as support to the PASOK party.

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